Carving Community CIC’s approach is to imbed community projects at the initial stages of a development.


Funded by CIL (106) and offsetting developers infrastructure costs.


Then implemented on the ground as new residents move into their new homes.


Our work brings people together through making enhanced street furniture/park shelters, out door gyms and other public amenities with the locals - especially the young people - in their own settings.


It’s been noted that there is a real pioneering spirt felt by the first residents of a new developments and we work to enhance these motivations and put them into action by making practical public amenities together.



Carving Community CIC meets with partners at the first stages of planning to create a project specific to the local ,this approach is exponential in benefit to the local authorities,developers and residents by making community in parallel and in sink to the housing plan.


The approach offsets some of the costs usually incurred by the developer for off the shelf street furniture, bus shelters, park seating, gym courses and instead makes these with the new comers.


By combining the saved infrastructure costs and funding from CIL (106) the funding enables more sculptural / aesthetic structures made by the hands of the residents.


Because the projects are set in the initial stages of planning it's possible to include the newest residents to the town/estate evolving community.


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